Joseph Murphy gives a prayer for prosperity and abundance

A Sure Way To Become Financially Secure
Money is a medium of exchange. It is a symbol of freedom, beauty, luxury, power, refinement, and rich and joyous living. Money may be looked upon as a Divine idea, maintaining the economic health of the nations. It should be used wisely, judiciously, and constructively.
You become financially secure by impressing your mind that money is not only good, but very good, and it blesses mankind in countless ways. In your mind, continue to imagine that you are a distribution center, that you possess all sorts of riches and that you are bestowing these blessings on others. As you do this, you are opening the way for still greater supplies to flow in.
Your motive is right, and you know in your heart that you have the right to plenty of money; you expect it to flow in avalanches of abundance. Your security and happiness are the results of the wise use of the power and wisdom resident in your subconscious mind.
Life will reward you when you believe and accept success as your Divine right. The real key to financial security is to constantly feel, know, and imagine yourself serving others in a grander, greater and more wonderful way. Imagine greater and greater success and abundance happening to you. Accept all monies received with a deep appreciation, and use it freely with grateful acknowledgment to the Infinite Being from whom all blessings flow.
Use the following prayer frequently, and you will convey the idea of financial secuirty to your subconscious mind:
“I know that money is an idea in Divine Mind. It symbolizes wealth; I recognize it as a means of exchange. All of God’s ideas are good. God created all things; He pronounced His creation good and very good. Money is good. I use it wisely, judiciously and constructively. I use it to bless mankind. It is a very convenient symbol; I rejoice in its circulation. God’s ideas are instantly available to me; I have a Divine surplus. God is my source of supply; that is my supply now. Wealth of all kinds flows to me in avalanches of abundance. There is only One God and One Mind; every idea in the Mind of God is spiritual. My relationship to money is friendly. It is a symbol of God’s wealth and His infinite abundance. The idea of money is omnipresent; I am one with all of the wealth in the world. I use it for good only and I thank thee, Father, for thy supply.”
1966 by Joseph Murphy. All rights reserved. From the book “Your Infinite Power To Be Rich” by Joseph Murphy.

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